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The 21 day fix is the latest diet and exercise program designed by Beachbody. If you are desperately trying to lose weight, but not getting the desired result, this is exactly what you need to try. The best thing about this program it promises you beach body in just three weeks.


What is the 21 day fix?

The 21 day fix is basically an exercise program that includes 2 DVDs along with seven colorful food containers. Each of these two DVDs has 3 workouts, which means a total of six workouts. You need to perform these exercises to get the best body.
Each of these workouts is designed by experts to increase the calorie burning. Most of these workouts are 30 minutes based. All you need to do is perform each of these workouts for 15 days and you need to do two workouts every day during the final week.

A detailed nutrition guide:

The program includes a very detailed nutrition guide along with workouts that take just half an hour to complete. Along with this, the nutrition program includes colored containers that help you know how much to eat. In fact, this is something that really makes this program the best since most programs focus on either fitness or nutrition and not both.

What does this program offer you?

The 21 day fix program includes several handy tools. First of all it includes the 21 day fix exercise and diet plan. There is absolutely no counting of calories in the 21 day fix. All you need to do is use the colored containers to keep a track of the food, for instance, red for proteins, yellow for the carbs, green for the vegetables, orange for dressings, purple for fruits and more.

The 21 day fix workout schedule:

The two workout DVDs include the following exercises that you need to perform for the entire period of 21 days.

Upper fix- it includes the resistance exercise for upper body, including shoulders, arms, chest, abs and back.

Lower fix- this includes leg workouts to tone the glutes, hamstring and squads,thereby helping you sweat a lot.

Total body cardio- includes mostly aerobic workouts that increasing your heartbeat.

Cardio- good cardio workout for better fat burning.

Pilates- targets and tones the connector muscles around the thighs and hips.

Yoga- promotes flexibility and balance along with helping in recovery after workouts.

Along with these, the program includes a getting started guide which helps you to understand how to start as well as a workout calendar which helps you understand how easily you can burn the fat. That’s not all, you also get a 3 day fix program that helps you make the initial three days of this program effective.

What you will love about this program

• The program focuses both on fitness and diet.
• The eating plan is very easy to follow and it is achievable.
• You get to learn about the necessity of balancing between healthy fats, proteins and carbs.
• The workouts are extremely engaging as well as varied. Since, you don’t need to do the same workout again and again, it makes this exciting.
• You don’t need to go to the gym to workout, you can easily do all of these exercises at home with the help of resistance bands and lightweight equipments.

With that, this hammer and chisel review has given you all the information you need. If you are desperately trying to lose weight and unable to get the desired result, this program is what you need. It will give you great results in just 21 days.

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 Have you been working out but all you feel is just a little fitter, but the weight, and the “tire” seem to be welcoming you every time you look in the mirror? Or do you know of a friend who is keen on diet and frequents the gym but they still got the heart problems, blood pressure, and other dietary-related diseases? Well, you are not alone. Many people have been there, and many more have witnessed such incidences.

If you want to avoid the above, maybe it’s time you replaced your modern diet with the Healthy food according to stone-age diet. The theory behind this idea is the fact that (from historical researchers) the Stone Age man (our ancestors), never ate so much of what we are eating now. The first reason is that an activity like farming was developed like 10,000 years ago. The Stone Age man was a hunter and a gatherer. He ate Just what was edible raw (from hunting and gathering).

Thus, the Stone Age man could not have eaten foods like potatoes, some of the modern vegetables, grains like beans among others. Domestication too is so modern. The Stone Age man never took dairy products. What he ate was raw meat before the invention of fire, and lightly cooked meat after the fire was invented. He ate plenty of flesh, fish, seeds, and plants. He didn’t have access to much of the carbohydrates as the modern man does. He took more fat and no salt or sugar.

The believers of this theory (I call it theory because more research is still under way) hold that a large percentage the Stone Age man never experienced most of the diseases and conditions that the modern man is having. Conditions like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases are just modern. These are partly lifestyle diseases, and it is believed that the kind of food we are eating now is playing a significant role. As a matter of fact, the modern studies conducted on ancient tribes that continue with this diet indicates that they do not suffer from the above diseases (obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes)

 The explanation is that most of the modern food is highly processed and added additives that cause us major health problems. The modern man takes high carbohydrate, and studies indicate that it is the largest cause of diseases such as obesity, hypertension, syndrome X, cancer and heart disease. Low fat intake while the Stone Age man took plenty of it. Toxins in the diet in the form of colorings, artificial additives, flavorings, etc. Fermented foods instead of fresh foods. In fact, this is referred to as dead foods and the explanation is the moment the food is no longer “live” decomposition begins! The Stone Age man didn’t ferment his food.

The chemicals in the modern man’s food and drugs in the form of preservatives, flavors, and others, inhibit enzymes systems thus slowing down metabolism. Carbohydrates cause fatigue (even in “normal” individuals). The healthy food according to stone-age diet is based on vegetable fiber, fat, and protein. No chemicals, no common allergens. It is a diet for life!

Allowed Foods

  • � Any meats: chicken, pork, lamb, beef, duck, turkey, “game” meats such as pheasant, goose, venison, etc. Ham and bacon. Salami. Kidney, Liver, and offal. Fatty meat!
  • � Eggs
  • � Any fish                                                     ben-fuchs-paleolith-diet
  • � Any green vegetables
  • � All salads
  • � French dressing
  • � Spices and herbs
  • � Xylitol, kefir, and stevia the list is long

Allowed drinks

  • � Filtered or bottled water
  • � Herbal teas
  • � Tea and coffee (no milk and alcohol)
  • � Avoid fruits; they have high in sugar that is in the form of fructose, and it is readily fermented.

 It sounds promising from the given facts, and I hope it works for you. All the best!

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